Producing top grade engineers is a responsibility. More and more, experimental skill and experience with technologically advanced instrumentation is demanded by any industry. Easily demonstratable hardware and software with reliability and cost effectiveness for educational institutions to provide laboratory facility to make way for students and research scholars to acquire knowledge in advanced dynamic and acoustic analysis. Today’s engineers need to be both analytically competent and experimentally capable. Leading universities have broadened their curriculum and softened the edge between electrical and mechanical studies to serve this need.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • Introduction to digital signal processing
  • Observing vibration phenomena in structures
  • Observing acoustic phenomena in fluids.
  • Characterizing analog electronic circuits
  • Rotating machinery analysis
  • Modal testing and analysis
  • Real-time digital filters with configurable signal analysis

Vibration Control

  • Introduction to electro-dynamic shakers
  • Introduction to hydraulic shakers
  • Concepts in shaker control
  • Swept-sine testing
  • Random testing
  • Shock testing

Applications for Education Field

  • Digital signal processing
  • Modal testing
  • Acoustic testing
  • Frequency response function
  • Machine condition monitoring

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