ZET 017-U32

FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 017-U32 enables parallel operation of several programs used for signals analysis and visual representation. This allows to establish various systems for tests performance, control systems, and technological processes monitoring systems. Parallel operation of several programs allows to conduct tests in non-stationary mode.

FFT Spectrum analyzers are used for vibration and acoustic measurements, constant monitoring, diagnostics of mechanisms, testing equipment control, adjustment of technological processes parameters, automation of start-up and commissioning tests, etc.

Various product versions (laboratory, portable, industrial, underwater, etc.) and several available interfaces for connection to PC allow to use FFT Spectrum analyzers in stationary, portable, standalone, industrial, distributed and dynamic systems in a variety of environmental conditions.

Major Functions

  • Narrowband Spectral analysis
  • Cross Spectrum analysis
  • Octave analysis
  • Modal analysis and resonance search
  • Reverberation
  • Wavelet analysis


Number of analog inputs (voltage and ICP) 32
ADC resolution 24
Frequency ranges of the simultaneously analyzed signals DC…2, DC…20, DC…200, DC…2 000, DC…20 000 Hz
Maximal sampling frequency 400 kHz
Max. input voltage (amplification ratio=1) ±10 V
Number of analog outputs 4
Frequency range of the generated sinusoidal signal 0.03 to 20,000 Hz
Output resistance 50 Ohm
Max. output current 20 mA
DAC Resolution 16
Max. output voltage value ±10 V
Dynamic range 110 dB
Dimensions 280 × 160 × 300 mm
Weight 3,2 kg
Consumed power of a single module max. 500 VA
Types of supported transducers ICP (IEPE), DeltaTron, ISOTRON
Possibility of synchronization with other FFT Spectrum analyzers yes
Non-volatile memory volume (flash-drive) * up to 32 Gb
Sampling frequency of data recording to the flash-drive by a channel* 50 kHz
Duration of data recording to the flash-drive by all the channels at maximal sampling frequency* 10.8 hrs.
Data rate via High Speed USB 2.0 480 Mbps
Data rate via Ethernet 100 Mbps

* This option is to be ordered separately