ZET 034 Vibration and Acoustic Analyzer

Multi-functional FFT Spectrum analyzers ZET 034 are used for measurement of spectral components parameters (which are present in vibrational, acoustic and hydroacoustic signals), as well as for generation of electrical signals with normalized metrological characteristics.

FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 034 can be used both in standalone mode and within the structure of automation and process control systems intended for scientific research purposes. Operating principles of the instruments of ZET 03X  series is based on parallel (synchronous) analysis of signals’ spectra.

When used together with the software ZETLAB ANALIZ, the FFT Spectrum analyzers allow to:

  • analyze signals in real-time mode and conduct analysis of previously recorded signals;
  • conduct octave- and 1/3-octave analysis based on the implementation of parallel digital filters;
  • perform narrow-band spectral analysis;
  • measure ВС and AC voltage;
  • measure electrical signals frequency;
  • generate sine and DC voltage signals;
  • record signals (to save digitized signal values to the memory with further recording to the hard drive).

Information on measurement parameters is displayed at the external devices in user-friendly format.

Number of analog inputs by voltage and ICP 4
ADC digit number 24
Frequency ranges of the simultaneously analyzed signals DC…20, DC…200, DC…2 000, DC…20 000 Hz
Max. sampling frequency 400 kHz
Antialiasing signals filtration up to 40 kHz
LPF filters: Butterworth filters 120 dB/oct for sampling frequencies 50 Hz, 500 Hz, 5 kHz, 50 kHz
Filters with frequency correction (IEC 61672-1:2002) А, В, С, D for 1-class precision noise meters
Max. input voltage at unitary amplification ratio ±10 V
Number of analog outputs 1
Frequency range of the generated sinusoidal signal 0.03 to 20 000 Hz
Output impedance 50 Ohm
Max. output current 20 mA
DAC digit number 24
Max. output voltage value ±10 V