Machine Condition Monitoring

Machine Condition Monitoring has a key role in Today’s fast-moving competitive world to maintain and balance the world’s economy, this needs continuous and effective monitoring to keep the world running on its feet. Products ranging from oil&gas and chemicals to paper and steel are produced by continuous manufacturing processes. Hydro, wind, tidal, nuclear and thermal power generation plants/units must produce continuously. Unexpected downtimes are the anathema of all these industries and vibration monitoring is a proven means of preventing them.

Today’s monitoring technology has divided into two equally important strategic paths. Expensive plants and critical machines are continuously monitored by permanently installed systems. Less critical machines are protected by route based periodic measurements made using handheld data collector/analyzers guided by an advanced database and analysis software. Scope of activities include, rotor balancing, vibration data collection, phase analysis, Bearing analysis, order tracking, limit testing, bump testing and run-up/coast down analyses.

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