Spider 80SG Strain Gage Measurement System

The Spider-80SG is the newest addition of the Spider series of data acquisition products. As a result, it incorporates all of the latest technological features of the Spider data collection systems including superior networkability. he Spider-80SG is a high precision, general purpose data acquisition device featuring strain gage functionality. This device can be used in a variety of physical and measurement tests. The Spider-80SG can acquire data from a strain gage or a wide range of measurement quantities. A variety of general purpose and strain gage-based sensors are supported.

Compatible Measurement Quantities & Suggested Sensors

Multiple sensors of various measurement quantities are supported with the Spider-80SG. The following list gives an overview of measurement quantities with sample sensors that are supported. The actual list of compatible sensors contains much more than specified here.

  • Acceleration – Dytran 7603B, 7503, 7523A2, Endevco 7264C, Kistler Type 8395A, DTS 6DX PRO series
  • Force – Omega LCM 901, Futek FFP350
  • Torque – Omega TQ-130 Series, Futek TDD400, Futek TRS300, Futek TAT200, TAT420
  • Pressure – Omega PX309 series, Measurement Spec EB100, Futek PMP927
  • Angular Velocity – DTS ARS Pro-300, ARS Pro-1500, ARS Pro-8K, ARS Pro-18k
  • Displacement – Omega E2E-3DC Series,
  • Magnetic Field – Analog Devices AD22151
  • Sound Pressure – InvenSense ICS40618
  • Strain – Configurable as Quarter, Half or Full Bridge

Each Spider-80SG front-end has its own mass storage media that houses the operating software and stores measurement data. This truly distributed system guarantees data recording at full speed without being subject to network speed limitations.

  • Support for full-bridge, half-bridge and quarter-bridge
  • Fully integrated, simultaneous strain measurement with any VCS and DSA tests.
  • High channel count supports up to 512 input channels
  • Customizable excitation within the range of -10V to 10V
  • 24-bit ADCs with sampling rate up to 102.4 kHz
  • High precision 7-pin Lemo input channels
  • Input channel adapter to eliminate the need for soldering
  • User-friendly shunt calibration and offset-nulling
  • Customize configuration and set-up independently for each input channel
  • Remote sensing function for distant measurement
  • Expandable units to increase portability
  • Input Channels: 8 channels per front-end, expandable to 512 channels in a system
  • Connector Type: 7-pin LEMO
  • Input Range: ±5mV, ±10mV, ±50mV, ±100mV, ±10V
  • Sampling Rate Per Channel: 0.48 Hz to 102.4 kHz, with 54 stages
  • Shunt Calibration: Internal 100K Ω (0.1%, 25ppm/c)
  • Excitation Sense: Local and remote sensing
  • Zero Suppression/Auto Balancing/Offset Nulling
  • Strain Functions: Quarter-120, Quarter-350, Half bridge, Full bridge
  • Bridge Completion: 120 Ω: 0.05%, 5ppm/c; 350 Ω: 0.05%, 5ppm/c; Back Half resistor: 10K/10K, 0.1% (or 0.02%), 2ppm/c
  • Excitation Voltage: ±2.5V, ±5V, ±10V; Current: 30mA max/channel