DSP Logger Expert - Vibration Analyzer

DSP Logger Expert is an advanced 6 channel expert vibration analyzer made for vibration-based condition monitoring and machine diagnostics analyses. This handheld portable multi-channel analyzer fulfils the requirements as a vibration data collector, off route measurements, rotor balancing, bearing analysis etc. instrument can measure, process store a wide variety of analysis modes. It can work as a standalone or you can download the measurements to your PC or Laptop via it’s DSP Machinery Control Software. Being cost effective and easy to use yet accurate results, make the customers around the globe are relying on this product.

Unit is having a 640 x 480 resolution screen, 5-inch color display and high contrast, to better handle in direct sunlight. Sturdy keyboard with both hand operating navigation keys and four dedicated function keys in each mode of operation makes the operation user friendly. This instrument has the capability of capturing acceleration, velocity, displacement and envelope, both AC and DC measurements. Only instrument in the market to have capability to use 6 channels in route data collection.

Number of Channels 6
Input Sources Acceleration, AC/DC
Spectral Resolution Up-to 25,600 lines
Digital Integration Velocity and Displacement, with high-pass filters Programmable 1%, 5% and 10% of Fmax
Frequency range 0.2 Hz to 20kHz
Wi-Fi Optional
Storage 8GB SD card
Trigger Modes External or Laser Tacho

Data Displays six-channel spectrum, six-channel time, phase table, orbit, process, cross channel phase, dual spectrum, time plots, and two tri-axial plots

Preprocessing gSE and ESP enveloping (demodulator) with four selectable input filters for enhanced bearing and gear mesh fault detection

Display LCD, Backlit colorVGA (640 x 480) 5.7” screen
Protection IP 65
Casing DIN EN 60529 Aluminium
Input Connectors Connector A: Channel 1, 3 & 5Connector B: Channel 2, 4 &6
Weight 750 grams (1.5 lb)

Vibration Analysis

AC/DC Measurement

Data Collector

Bearing Analyzer

Phase Analysis

Balancing of Machines

Hit Test

Motor Current Signature Analysis

Human Body Vibrations

Building Vibrations