Motor Current Signature Analysis

Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) deals with measuring of input quantities to the motor like 3-phase currents and voltages by using CT and PT clamps. Issues in the operation of the motor will affect / modifies the harmonic content of the current supply to motor.

Following are information provided

  1. 3 phase voltage levels,
  2. Voltage unbalance,
  3. Harmonic distortion,
  4. Rotor cage condition,
  5. Motor efficiency,
  6. Effective service factor,
  7. Over-current,
  8. Power factor correction,
  9. Torque information, and
  10. Load on the motor.

Through the thorough analysis, can identify the following problems.

  1. Improper tap settings of the power supply,
  2. Poorly-distributed single-phase loads,
  3. An excessive number of VFDs without proper filtration,
  4. Excessive non-harmonic frequencies on a given VFD,
  5. Improper filters,
  6. Wrong star-Delta timing transitions,
  7. Cavitation in pumps,
  8. Overload on motors,
  9. Missing or open power factor correction capacitors
  10. High resistance connections.