Commercial testing laboratories provide capital facilities and in-depth testing expertise to industry. They often represent the least expensive means to qualify a product and prove its compliance to a broad range of specifications and codes. Leading test laboratories have an extensive range of shaker and shock test facilities supported by the most modern control and analysis electronics available.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • Stress and vibration recording
  • CE requirement testing
  • Product vibration surveys
  • Component modal studies
  • Servomechanism verification
  • Circuit performance tests

Vibration Control

  • Product durability testing
  • Random, SoR, RoR shaker testing
  • Swept-sine, RSTD shake testing
  • Shock-on-shaker testing
  • Seismic testing and earthquake simulation
  • Combined thermal and stress testing

Applications for Testing Lab

  • Transportation testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Acoustic testing
  • Modal testing
  • Seismic testing
  • Digital signal processing
  • Shock and drop testing
  • Whole body vibration