ZET 058 Strain Gage Measurement

Strain-gauge measurement systems can be described as a hardware and software measurement suite based on multi-channel data acquisition system ZET 058 and ZETLAB TENZO software. The operating principle of the system is based on conversion of analog electrical signals of strain gauge transducers and current output sensors into a digital format with further transmission of the measurement data to the PC via digital interface.

Strain gauge system ZET 058 provide DC and AC power supply of the primary transducers. Thus, it is possible to use them for signals’ data acquisition and processing in the course of static and dynamic measurements.

Strain gauge system ZET 058 used together with ZETLAB software enables measurement data acquisition in real-time mode by several channels simultaneously. Possible connection options for the strain gauge transducer (with the use of terminal bus, which is included into delivery scope) are as follows: quarter bridge (only for strain gauge films), half-bridge and full-bridge.

Number of analog voltage outputs 8
ADC digit number 24
Frequency ranges of simultaneously analyzed signals DC to 20,000 Hz
Max. sampling frequency 400 kHz
Max. input current at unitary amplification ratio ±10 V
Dynamic range 130 dB
Identity of channels in the band-pass 0.1 %
Cross-channel phase difference 1° per 10 kHz
Dimensions 280 × 200 × 35 mm
Weight 1 kg
Dust- and moist-protection degree IP68
Possibility of synchronization with other strain measurement systems yes
Non-volatile memory volume (flash drive) * up to 32 Gb
Sampling frequency of data recording to the flash drive by a channel* 50 kHz
Tome of data recording to the flash-drive by all the channels at the maximal sampling frequency* 10.8 hours
Baud rate via High Speed USB 2.0 480 Mbps
Baud rate via Ethernet 100 Mbps

* Additional option to be ordered separately