Structural Dynamic Testing

Mechanical or civil product/structures development and problems solving comprises of identifying natural frequencies of the test structure at which the structure resonates. In such cases of resonance, shifting of natural frequency of the structure or operating the structure at different speed would result in avoiding the resonance. To shift the natural frequency of a structure could be done either by altering stiffness, mass or damping of the system to make sure resonance is avoided. The vibrating behavior of mechanical or civil structures can be predicted by using modern methods like Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA is a powerful preliminary design method, still FEA results must always to be verified in the laboratory. Performing a lab or field test on a prototype/structure can validate the FEA. Frequency Response Function and Modal Analysis are available methods for performing dynamic study of a structure. These provide information about modes; resonant frequency, mode shape and damping are the modal properties of a structure to improve the dynamic characteristics of the structure.

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