Spider-20 is a compact yet powerful dynamic signal analyzer and digital data recorder. It provides four 24-bit precise high-fidelity input channels, and a unique software-selectable tachometer-input/signal-source output channel (all using conventional BNC connectors). Each input is individually programmable to accept AC or DC voltage or output from an IEPE (ICP) sensor with built-in electronics.

Spider-20 is a diminutive 5.3 x 4.3 x 1-inch tool weighing only 18 ounces. It has only three push-button controls and five LED status indicators. This little powerhouse can run over 6 hours on its internal rechargeable battery which can be replaced in field with a backup battery. It can also record data on its built-in 4GB flash memory at the simple push of a button.

Spider-20 communicates with the world through its built-in Wi-Fi interface. Use your iPad to setup and view or record time histories as well as perform spectrum analysis or measure Frequency Response and Coherence functions. Link the Spider-20 to your laptop or tablet running Windows and enjoy the full repertoire of functionality provided by our EDM (Engineering Data Management) software including 1/nth Octave acoustic functions, Order Tracking for rotating machinery, Shock Response Spectra for drop testing, or Digital Filtering for special purpose analysis.


A secondary version, Spider-20E, replaces Wi-Fi with a wired Ethernet connection. The device has the same form factor as the standard wireless version. Transfer measured data to truly massive storage space using the EDM Cloud server. EDM can be used to program your Spider-20 to perform a custom measurement or measurement sequence at the touch of its START button, making it an unintimidating and user-friendly tool. No computer, tablet or phone is required; just use your thumb and your Spider-20 operating in Black Box mode. Use our flexible Automated Schedule and Limiting software to turn this Spider into an intelligent unattended monitor capable of responding to data conditions or networked instructions, notifying you of significant conditions via e-mail.



Analysis Features:

  • Frequency Response Function (FRF)
  • Octave Analysis and Sound Level Meters (SLM)
  • Time Waveform Recording
  • Automated Schedule and Limiting Test
  • Real-Time Digital Filters
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) Analysis
  • Order Tracking Analysis
  • Sine Reduction
  • Spider-20 Remote Timer On/Off with Black Box Mode

Product Specifications

Analog Input Channels
Input Channels:  4
Coupling: AC, DC, IEPE (ICP®)
Input Range: ±0.1V, ±1V, ±10V
Input Dynamic Range: 100 dBFS
Sampling Rate: 0.48 Hz to 102.4 kHz, with 54 stages
Maximum Useful Bandwidth: 46.08 kHz

Tachometer Input Channel
Tachometer Input Channel:  1
Connector Type: isolated BNC (shared with the Analog Output)
Configuration: Tachometer or Output function selected by software
Shaft RPM Range: 3/N – 300,000/N RPM

Analog Output Channel
Output Channels: 1
Output Range: ± 10 Volts

DC Power Input
Connector Type: 5.5mm Jack connector (on rear panel)
Voltage: 15 VDC (±10%)

Indicating LEDs
Power, Start/Stop, Battery, Wi-Fi and Charging

Network Communication
Type: Built-in Wi-Fi router
Compliance: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n; dual-channel; 2.4 & 5 GHz band 802

Power Specifications
Power Supply: interchangeable battery with DC charger inter-face
Battery Hours: 6 hours or longer in full operation
Power Consumption: less than 6W

Environmental Specifications
Enclosure 135mm x 109mm x 32.5mm
Weight: 0.56kg
On-Board Flash Memory: 4GB