BC 201

The BC 201 acceleration meters are capacitive acceleration meters and can be used as linear acceleration and position sensors since they measure not only the variable component of the acceleration signal, but the direct component as well.

When the acceleration meter is installed on a sloped surface, it allows to measure the radial acceleration.


Technical Specifications

Sensitivity 500 mV/g
Frequency band up to 500 Hz
Relative transverse sensitivity ≤5 %
Amplitude range ±2.3 g
Internal noise, RMS <0.004 g
Measured vibration acceleration values range 0.01 to 1 g
Three-wire connection circuit ground, output signal, power supply
Power supply voltage 5 V
Level of direct voltage at the output (in horizontal position at 0 g) 1.8 V
Consumed current 5 mA
Output resistance ≤500 Ohm
Body material stainless steel
Supplied accessories Pin
Mounting On M5 pin
Cable (standard length) integrated, 2 m
Weight 16 g