Modal Analysis

In industry Experimental Modal Analysis and Finite Element Modal Analysis are 2 approaches together to develop or understand the existing machine’s dynamic behavior. The former one works with the FRF functions of the test specimen or structure through the experimental testing using Modally tuned hammer (Instrumented hammer / Modal hammer), Accelerometer and Data acquisition system. Later one works on the inputs like 3D software models, boundary conditions and forces acting on it to simulate the model. Modal Analysis is a process tool for testing structures and machine components to determine their dynamic behavior under working.

  • To understand the dynamic behavior of machine
  • To solve the resonance related issues
  • To find the ways to reduce machine vibration due to resonance
  • To validate the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) results
  • To improve the machine productivity
  • To enhance the design

We at Flamboyant Solutions constantly working with industry problems in enhancing the machine performance with Modal Analysis solutions. Modal Analysis includes collection of vibration data on test structure and process in the software to determine the modal parameters and operation deflection shapes. With help of the animated videos which we provide, one can understand the problem which is present with the operating condition.