Aerospace Industry

Development of space vehicles, satellites, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters is a technologically leading business calling for the most advanced analysis and control instrumentation. Design verification of hardware and mathematical models is the most important activity. The high cost of aerospace structures and the uniqueness of prototypes demand the most careful conduct of every controlled vibration investigation.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • Ground Vibration Tests (GVT)
  • Wind tunnel dynamic studies
  • High channel reliable data recording
  • Flight stress and vibration recording
  • External and internal acoustical surveys
  • Engine durability testing

Vibration Control

  • Sine, RSTD, Random, SoR
  • Durability tests using recorded flight data
  • Launch and separation simulation
  • Payload dynamic qualification
  • Proof-of-performance component stress screening
  • Vibration testing
  • Whole body Vibration testing
  • Acoustic testing
  • Frequency Response Function
  • Modal testing
  • Vibration control