The electronics industry spans and affects every aspect of human life. It is an extremely broad industry ranging from military hardware to personal entertainment products and everything in between. Personal computers, tablets and smart cellular telephones are part of everyone’s life and of many industrial systems. Chronometers, radar, sonar and GPS let us navigate our world precisely. Radios, television and the internet keep us informed and communicating. All of these things have analog components to be understood and packaging concepts to be qualified.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • Analog circuit bench testing
  • Analog network analysis and tuning
  • Characterizing component background noise
  • Measuring gain, phase and linearity
  • Magnetic field frequency response
  • Verifying system poles and zeros
  • Automated production test

Vibration Control

  • Highly accelerated stress screening (HASS)
  • Highly accelerated life-testing (HALT)
  • Package design verification
  • Spec-qualifying a module, chassis or rack
  • Environmental simulations; packaging tests
  • Drop-testing shock response analysis
  • Sine and dwell test for qualification