Acoustics measurements are performed for a variety of reasons, including: product design, production testing, machine performance, and process control. have capable acoustic measurement facilities including real-time octave, 1/3 octave filters, and sound level meter functions. CI provides an easy to use yet powerful toolbox for acquiring and viewing acoustic signals. Digital octave band filters and raw time data recording can be performed simultaneously for detailed investigation of noise problems. Onboard IEPE (ICP®) transducer power capability allows for direct connection to pre-polarized microphones when used with an ICP microphone pre-amplifier. Traditional condenser microphones are also easily accommodated by connecting the direct voltage signal from the microphone power supply into an input channel. White and pink noise signals can be produced using the waveform generator. This feature is very useful when performing absorption measurements using a speaker.

Acoustic Measurement: Sound Level Meter

The Sound Level Meter (SLM) is a related application in the acoustic data acquisition software. This module is also referred to as an Overall Level Meter. The SLM applies a frequency weighting filter to the input signal and time weighting to the filter’s output. Various acoustic measurements are then extracted from both the input and output signals of this frequency weighting filter.

All of the features that you would expect from an acoustic measurement device are present…and then some! A, B, C, and Linear weighting functions; Fast, Slow, Impulse, and Peak detectors; and user selectable high and low-pass filtering. The tremendous dynamic range that all CI instruments offer take the worry out of setting voltage ranges precisely to avoid under-range or overload conditions.


1/3rd Octave Band Analysis


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